Mould a Problem


Mould growth in domestic properties is becoming more and more prevalent due to improved energy efficiency and increasing awareness of heating costs.

Caused by tiny, air borne spores, which thrive in damp, warm conditions, mould is often found on ceilings and walls in the corners of rooms. Mould is more likely to occur in areas where there is little ventilation and the temperature is kept permanently high, for example in sheltered housing for the elderly.

Greens Decorating Contractors are experienced in the treatment and application of mould inhibiting products and provide a responsive maintenance service to many local authorities in the West Yorkshire region.

In all circumstances, it is imperative to remove mould that is already present. This is usually achieved by washing surfaces with a fungicidal solution to kill any organic material that is present before it is removed with a scraper. After allowing suitable time to dry, a special fungicidal emulsion or eggshell paint is applied, for example, Dulux Trade Mouldshield or Crown Trade Steracryl Mould Inhibiting paint. These products are designed to provide the most unfavourable conditions for the growth of mould in the future.

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Sam Franklin

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