Painting on a Pontoon

As a commercial painting and decorating company we come across jobs of all shapes and sizes. On occasions we may be required to paint areas which can be difficult to access. Areas over water are particularly challenging due to health and safety. One of the safest and easiest options would be to use a scaffold pontoon, these are available for hire from firms across the country. Pontoons can come in a variation of sizes depending on your specification and the scaffold is easily added to provide extra stability and height.

It’s imperative that there is a dedicated safety officer responsible for the safety of your staff. They must ensure:

  • The pontoons meet safety requirements
  • There is a qualified life guard and boat
  • Staff are supplied with life jackets and safety harnesses

Pontoons should be safely and securely tied up at all times to provide a stable surface for staff to work from. Other aspects to consider whilst working on water are weather conditions, its not advisable to carry out work on a pontoon during bad weather. Liaise with your client about working hours and deadlines as weather conditions can effect seriously effect your working hours.

Case Study

As part of the next phase of Princess Quay Renovation works in Hull, we were required to use a scaffold pontoon to paint the external railings surrounding the building. It was the main contractor’s responsibility for hiring the equipment and ensuring that relevant safety precautions were adhered to. It was our job to ensure that the work was carried out correctly and met the specification of the client.


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Sam Franklin

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