What to look for in a Commercial Painting Company?


When it comes to choosing a company for commercial painting and decorating services it may seem like a simple decision, one that is solely determined by the prices quoted. Although price should play a vital role in your decision, a wider range of factors are involved that should be heavily considered.

Many of these factors will have wider implications, both on how your business operates during the refurbishment period and the end product.

Top 10 Things to Consider when Choosing a Decorating Contractor

Here’s our list of what to look for in an industrial painting company. Please note that in order to gain a reliable insight for points 4-10 it will require you to speak at some length with a representative from a company who has used previously used the painting outfit in question.

Although time intensive, it is ultimately a worthwhile investment that will lead you to make a more qualified decision on which painting company to use.

1. References

You maybe able to glean from a painting contractors website who they have carried out refurbishment work for, but ask them to produce a list of references who can comment on the standard and quality received.

Testimonials are the single best way to gauge how a painting company goes about its work and what you’re likely to expect from them.

2. Accreditations

Professional associations help to shine a light on the standard of work the company is capable of producing. Look for a good mixture of accreditations, from industry specific ones such as The Painting & Decorating Association (PDA) to health and safety schemes like the Contractor Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and even general management practise accreditations, including the internationally recognised ISO quality standards.

3. Transparent Quotations

Proposals and quotations from commercial painting companies should be clear, easy to understand, and transparent. Its imperative that you identify all areas of potential misunderstanding up front so there will be no confusion during the refurbishment process.

A professional outfit will prepare understandable quotes with little to no ambiguity, which often makes for a more efficient project.

4. Knowledge & Recommendations

It might seem that paint is paint. The range of paint types and qualities varies dramatically, each suited to a specific application. If a contractor is solely quoting to use the industry standard basic paint this prove to be a false economy for your business.

It’s often the case where using a higher grade paint over a cheaper alternative lengthens the period before redecoration is required, thus reducing long term expenditure. Making recommendations of options available to the client demonstrates greater care and consideration on the decorators part.

5. Related Experience

Some painting jobs at a commercial level go beyond the conventional office repaint. Industrial properties such as warehousing, factories and sports stadia require painting techniques away from the norm, including the utilisation of access equipment and machinery to fulfil the projects requirements.

Take care to ensure that the chosen contractor is well versed with tackling a task of a similar nature, otherwise it could pose a great risk to the outcome of the project if their team is without the necessary relevant experience.

6. Flexible Schedules

It’s often said within the industry that the best refurbishment companies are those you don’t know are there. Ideally your chosen contractor will work to your schedule and not their own, making sure to always clear out their equipment at the end of the working day. In doing so this has a huge affect on minimising disruption to your business and customers.

7. Working Relationships

A large proportion of commercial redecorating jobs occur during working hours. This means interaction between decorators and your onsite staff is crucial in ensuring that both can go about their roles effectively. You will find a disparity between the friendliness of operative staff amongst painting contractors, so it is always recommended that you gain an insight into how the companies team conduct themselves whilst working on the project.

8. Cleanliness & Appearance

Trailing dirt, dust and debris around both internally and externally is going to give the impression of shoddiness. Painters should take measures to maintain a high level of tidiness, especially on projects where the customer has its own customers to serve. Its also worth bearing in mind that the appearance and service provided by the contractor is also a reflection on your business in the eyes of your customers, which should be treated with great importance.

9. Project Updates

Using a company that provides ongoing updates throughout the project provides benefits for both parties. For your business, this helps to reduce disruption as any problems, issues or potential stumbling blocks can be diverted at an early stage. For the painting contractor, communication with the customer aids efficiency and planning, ensuring the project is completed at the earliest possible time – ideal for both parties.

10. Feedback Encouragement

Painting contractors that encourage feedback are looking for ongoing ways to improve the service offered to you as the customer. Using a company that encourages feedback is a sure sign they’re looking to consistently improve, ideal for businesses that require multiple on on-going refurbishment services.

If you believe the factors mentioned above are important then working with Greens Decorating could be the right decision for your business. Get in touch with our team of decorating professionals today with details on your upcoming refurbishment project.

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